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Title Anger is like fire, if uncurbed it will devour
Author Ahmed S Islam
Category English Literature
Sub-Category Poem

Of all the sins we suffer, worst is the anger
Let not brutal anger control our frail nature.
Our prophet (PBUH) always restrained his temper
No matter what the provocations were.

When some wicked children at Taif treated him harshly,
he bled profusely when they threw stones at him mercilessly;
Such a merciless act by the children did not make him angry,
He was calm, composed, cool and didn't rage into fury
Prayed to Allah without asking Him for their destruction,
Seeking His guidance for the erring faction in the right direction.

Hazrat Ali, his close companion was fighting in the battlefield;
by one stroke of his sword, the enemy chief could have been killed
But Ali spared the life of his opponent
When he spat on Ali's face with hate.
To punish someone when one is in anger
is against Islamic principles of behavior.
What a great example of level of tolerance!
In similar situations can we follow this instance?

When one of his companions asked our Rasul
Which of the good acts will save his soul?
“Control your anger,” was his only answer;
His reply to three related questions was similar.
The Prophet continued to say, “Anger is like fire”
If not quashed right away, its consequence is dire.

Our tempers run high real quick
If others disagree to what we speak;
To our adored prophet we shall show real respect,
if we keep temper under control and be patient.
Many a fight that we experience inside a public place
will fade away, if we learn to talk to people with grace.

At the conclusion of today's auspicious ceremony
Let us pray united to our Lord seeking His mercy;
To forgive us for our sins and not to punish us
if we forget to please Him in our everyday life of rush.