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Title Unexpressed Love
Author Asim Tarafder
Category English Literature
Sub-Category Story

Arif was a very smart boy. His smiling face and striking eyes could impress anyone, be it a boy or a girl easily. Besides, he was deeply involved in social and cultural activities. Due to his handsome figure and pleasant personality he had a lot of fans around him. Most of them were girls. Some were very pretty as well. But Arif had casual acquaintances with them and seemed to be more attached to less attractive girls.

In his school and college life, he spent maximum time with less attractive girls. They were his good friends and all they knew that Arif was only their friend, nothing more. They wanted to win his friendship but Arif carefully avoided them all.

While doing his BBA in a private university, Arif went to his village home to spend his vacation. It was the rainy season and the village was soaked in water. When he reached home he saw Zeni too in the village. Zeni was a teenage girl living as their nearest neighbor in the same village. However, Zeni lived in a different city not far from his with her parents and was studying in a College there. She also came to the village to learn swimming. Both were delighted to see each other after a long time.

They stayed a couple of weeks in the village and most of the time they spent swimming, playing indoor games, gossiping and sightseeing around the village. One day, when they were moving by a boat, it started raining. To save themselves from the heavy rainfall, they took shelter under a big tree on a highland. They stood up there close to each other, neither one talking. The only sound that broke the stillness of the atmosphere was raindrops.

When the rain stopped, they started to return home. As the land became very slippery, Zeni was about to fall down but holding her hand tightly Arif averted the accident. It was like a hero saving his heroine from the impending danger. Zeni thanked Arif profusely and held his hand tightly and together hand in hand they walked all the way to the boat.

A few days later they left the village and went back to their respective cities. Arif realized a sudden change in his heart. He felt a new type of feelings and touch of love in his heart. He tried but could not forget the moment he held Zeni very closely. He asked himself, “Has Zeni also the same feelings for him?”

Several pretty girls wanted to be Arif’s intimate friends, but none of them could win his heart They were his casual friends. But how could Zeni took away all his love and win over his feelings, he wondered!

Arif completed his education and got a job in a Bank. Zeni finished her education too. Zeni’s father was transferred to the same city where Arif lived. Arif and zeni met several times, talked on different topics but Arif never could gather enough courage to tell her what actually was going on inside his heart. He tried his best to understand the feelings of Zeni but impenetrable is woman’s mind! How could poor Arif fathom and penetrate her heart! Several times Arif attempted to tell Zebi about his feelings but he couldn’t. He was afraid lest Zeni did not feel for him the same way!

Soon after, Zeni got married. Arif was also invited. He silently saw his dream queen to part away with another man never to come back in his life. It broke his heart, broke his dream. He didn’t find an opportunity to express his love and nor will he ever! He would cherish his dream and bury his tender feelings for her within his heart forever.