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Author Asim Tarafder
Category English Literature
Sub-Category Miscellaneous


Asim Tarafder

During the last spring festival, I went to visit my elder sister. She lives in a small town. Previously I have visited this place many times. So most of her neighbors know me well and I also know them. After staying a day I prepared to come back. On my way to the station I met an old man, one of the neighbors of my elder sister in front of his house. He was delighted to see me. After greeting me warmly, he requested me to visit his house. Politely I declined his invitation on solid grounds. Thereafter holding my hands tightly he tried to take me inside his house. I asked him to pardon me and said, I'll visit him in my next trip. Now that I am talking to you, it's not that important to go inside the house. While talking I freed my hands from his grip. “You have met me- it okay, but what about my granddaughter! Will you not meet her! I simply replied, “Okay, Dadu (grandfather), I'll meet her in my next visit. Please pardon me this time. Hurriedly I left the place. Then I realized the grandfather knew about my affair with his granddaughter. What he didn't know was that our relation has become sour lately. Obviously the recent development in our relationship was unknown to the loving old man.