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Author Asim Tarafder
Category English Literature
Sub-Category Story

Then I was just admitted into a College. As a newcomer, I became curious to know about everything. However, I was more interested in girls. Earlier when in School, I heard that boys and girls mix freely in the College. I also heard that everyone starts to fall in love at this stage. So from the beginning of my College life I was in joyous mood and felt romantic. I was daydreaming and expecting that someone would feel for me and fall in love me. But I saw no sign of such a romantic moment and became more and more was depressed as the passed by. So I felt bored and found college life, college and classes unexciting. Without a girl friend my college life was becoming meaningless.

In one afternoon I skipped my class; instead, I was sitting lonely on the stair of the college pond. I was sad thinking about my bad luck. In a little while, a lovely girl of our batch came around the pond. I could hardly believe my eyes when she took her seat beside me. To my utter astonishment she said that she would like to tell me something very important. By hearing such an expression from the pretty girl my heart started throbbing and my pulse started running faster. We went to a fast food shop together, sat face to face and ordered some items. We were taking food and talking slowly. She told me without any hesitation that I am her first love and that she loves me very much from the moment her eyes fell on me but until now she got no chance to pour her tender feelings. I was all more delighted to know that I am her first lover. So that sweet dream which I cherished in my heart since the first day of my college came true at that moment. I got speed again in my life. I started to pass my days with fantasy with that filled my heart with unprecedented joy weaving my dream that charming girl.

Just after fifteen days I decided to watch a movie with her. Reaching the campus, I was looking for her and suddenly I found her at a silent corner of the campus with a boy of our college. I went near to the couple quietly like a detective lest I disturb them in their conversation. I could hear that she was expressing her love the same way she did to me telling the boy, “You are my first love and I love you very much.”